Product Activation Tool Installation

The Product Activation Tool will be used to active FireArrow products. It is only required to install once on a server. If you have already installed it with other FireArrow products before, you can skip this installation section.

Open the folder for the Product Activation installation and run "Setup.exe".

The setup wizard will be displayed and click "Next" to proceed.

Select the installation folder, and click "Next".

Click "Next" to confirm the installation.

The wizard starts the installation and display the overall progress.

Installation is completed successfully and click "Close" to exit the wizard.

License Management

The FireArrow Advanced RSS Viewer is allowed to use for 30-days after the installation without license activation. It is always recommended to provision your valid license activation key immediately after the installation is completed. Please go to the FireArrow web site ( to purchase the software in order to obtain the license activation key.

After the software purchase, please email us ( the following information in order to generate the product activation code:

We will email you the product activation key.

You can obtain the product key information through the Product Activation Tool. Please follow the steps in below section to obtain the product key and complete the license activation.

License Activation Demo

After the Product Activation Manager is successfully installed, follow below steps to obtain the product key information and activate the FireArrow product license in your server.

Go to "Start" menuàAll ProgramsàFireArrow SoftwareàProduct Activation Tool and click "FireArrow Product Activation Tool".

Select the „FireArrow Advanced RSS Viewer” from the product dropdown list and the corresponding product information will be displayed in the form, including the “Product Key” information. You can also see the license status from the “Status” field. Before activation, the status will indicate you are using a trial version.

Once you get the Activation Key, enter it into the "Activation Key" field, and click "Activate" button.

Click OK in the pop-up window to confirm the activation. And you will notice that the message in the Status field is changed to "The product is activated". The product activation is completed.

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