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FireArrow provides a classic and full-featured rating and review solution for SharePoint sites. It enables users to rate and comment documents and list items based on a 1-to-5 rating scale. It offers a lot rich features such as various rating styles, sorting and filtering, editing and deletion, posting a reply, like or dislike votes, and RSS feed capabilities, etc.

$79900 (Per WFE)

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Ratings & Reviews

Article with Ratings

Ratings in the library

Rating Stats

Popup Window

Flexible Configurations

RSS Feeds

Styles & Colors

Page Layouts

Like/Dislike Style

Rating Web Part


Features Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Rate and write reviews for SharePoint documents and list items.
Rate based on a 1-to-5 rating scale or like/dislike
Automatically calculate and display the average rating
Display rating summary information:
overall rating, # of total ratings, # of total reviews and rating distribution chart
Display all ratings and review comments
Sort and filter review comments.
Pagination to browse through review comments
“Reply to Comments” feature
“Like/Dislike” votes feature for reviews and replies
Offer various RSS feeds based on rating information:
top rated, most rated, most commented and most recent
Provide various rating icon styles and colors
Define your own meanings of the rating scales
Offer various options to set rating period
Option to allow users to edit or delete their own ratings and reviews
Option to allow multiple ratings and reviews from the same user
Allow anonymous users to rate and write a review.
Allow administrators to edit or delete ratings and reviews.
Allow administrators to control permissions for different user types.
Allow administrators to enable and disable available features: e.g. “Reply to Comments” feature, “Like/Dislike” features, etc.
Provide rating and review web part
Ability to rate and review current SharePoint page or an existing list item through the rating and review web part
Offer the same rating features through the rating and review web part
Offer flexible user interface configuration of the rating and review web part
Implementing AJAX to minimize page refresh
Support SharePoint 2007 & 2010


  • 02:57 Introduction to Rating and Review
  • 04:01 Adding Rating Column

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012
  • Server:SharePoint Services v3 (WSS), SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS), SharePoint Foundation 2010 , SharePoint Server 2010, or SharePoint 2013
  • .Net Framework:Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or 4.5
  • Browser:Microsoft Internet Explorer 6,7,8, Firefox 3.0, Safari 4.0 and Chrome

Release Notes

  • 09/30/2014Release, fixed the popup issue in Chrome 37+.
  • 03/08/2014Release, added 2013 support.
  • 12/13/2013Release, enhanced the FBA authentication/authorization.
  • 12/31/2012Release, fixed some minor bugs.
  • 08/26/2012Release, fixed an issue with using the FA rating field in site columns.
  • 04/23/2012Release, updated popup windows and rating web part, added the JQuery checker and fixed some minior bugs.
  • 11/09/2011Release, updated JQuery, fixed some minior issues.
  • 10/11/2011Release, added the new Rating Type: like/dislike, capability of assigning users/groups to "Administrator" and "User" roles, fixed some bugs and more.
  • 02/02/2011Release 2.0, new version
  • 11/14/2010Release, 2010 ready and fixed some display issues.
  • 09/27/2010Release, updated license manager and fixed some minor bugs.
  • 04/22/2010Release, initial release.



Please feel free to contact us to let us know your thought about our software and any additional features you would like us to offer.

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